Exhibitions in 2007:

Kolding   "Family-meeting" in Kolding on 20. October 2007
"Sir Merlin" got his last point for the title "European Champion" and won the
"Best in Variety" as well.
His son - "Prince Camelot" got his last point for the title "International Champion".
European Champion "King Oberon", living in a danish cattery, was the third stud of the "Grenoble`s family" and won the "Prize of Honour". 
A special praise goes to Sylvia Eschner as she succeeded to present "Sir Merlin" in his best condition at every cat-show.
Hamburg:   Sir Merlin presented hisself very well at the show in Hamburg-Bergedorf and he was recompensed. He got is 8th EC-Point, won first rank and was nominated, won Best in Show and even 2. rank at Best of the sex.
His son Prince Camelot got V2.

Sir Merlin got is 7th Euro-Point, won first rank, got nominated and he won Best in Show.

Prince Camelot got ist point.
Yes... and there you could also see the offspring from the dansk King Oberon, who prestented itself very successful... There growes something in Danmark!


This time we lost at the show in Arnheim. Camelot did not get his point.
But we are proud that his son Lenny won Best in Show Kitten though there were 6 other beautiful kittens!


Prince Camelot was successful on tour. He got his 2nd IC-point and won the first rank.

Bremen:   On Saturday in Bremen Oranje got her 2nd EC-Point, she presented herself very relaxed!!
On Sunday Prince Camelot was there and he got his first IC-Point.
Exhibitions in 2006:
Gudme/Svendborg:   The dane king Oberon was successful: He got his point, was nominate and won Best in Show.
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Flensburg:   Prince Camelot got his champion-titel successfully in Flensburg. On Sunday he got his last point on competition and he was even nominated.
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Prince Camelot got unter competition his first CH-point and was proposed to be nominated.

Schiedam:   Sir Merlin was at the exhibition in Schiedam/Netherlands very successful. He got his 5th EC-Point, won first rank and was nominate. A great Success!
Lübeck:   Sir Merlin got his 4. EC point, was nominate, won "Best in Show Kurzhaar" and took the first rank "Best of the Best".
What a success, greetings to Bokhold-Hannredder.
Husum:   Merlin's daughter Pia Merle got her 3. point for IC.
Best regards to Kopenhagen in Dänemark.
Sir Merlin got his 3. EC point and got the first rank.
Best regards to Bokhold-Hannredder.
Ribe:   Sir Merlin got his 2. EC point, took the first rank, was nominate and won "Best in Show". What a success for him.
Best regards to Bokoldt-Hanredder.
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Kolding:   King Oberon won "Best in Show" and became EC.
Struer:   Oberon was successful in Danmark... He got his EC-point and the top 5 he won the JURAK-cup, because he was number 1!!!
Arnheim:   Oberon got his 7. point for EC, he got the first rank for British Special Show and was nominate and also won Best in Show. At the second day of exhibitions he lost against Gr. Int. Ch. Hann of the cream vom Tonkay.
Many greetings to Alborg...
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Harley:   Pia Merle got her 2. point for Int. Ch., was best kidden in her kind and she was nominate.
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Koge:   Pia Merle took her 1. point for Int. Ch., got the first rank in her species, was nominate and won "Best of Opposite". What a success, dear Lea, and we celebrate it in Hamburg, toound in Hamburg wird auch noch ein bisschen gefeiert...
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Lemgo:   (Lipperlandhalle) In Germany's bigges handball-hall and the home destrict of "Hann of the Creme vom Tonkay" Oranje got her 1. EC point and she also was nominated. But... Trudy (a daughter of Penny MC Laren & Hann) got the first rank and was nominated.
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Ausstellungen in 2005:

Groningen:   Oranja became Gr. Int. Ch., got the first rank over 7 Cremes with 5 tomcats (daddy was proud). She was nominated
Two swedish people told me that they were pleased much about King Oberon's victory in Sweden.
Many thanks to Winnie & Kim Nielsen to Aalborg...
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Hjallerup:   Oberon got his 5th and 6th point for EC, took the first rank at both days, was nominate  and got the first rank in "Best in Show" and BOB 1 on Saturday. On Sunday he won "Best in Show".
A daughter of him won, too.
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Taastrup:   Pia Merle became Champion, took the first rank and was nominate. Great success!
Greetings to Kopenhagen...
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Bünde:   Oranja got her 5th point to GIC. As "best girl" in her group she had to win against "Hann of the Creme v. Tonkay" and she lost with a smile. She was nominate, too.
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Horsens:   Oberon took his 4th EC-point and was nominate für "Best in Show".
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Nyborg:   Oberon is successful. Er got his 3rd EC-point, was nominate and won "Best in Show". What should I say: Rom is calling for him! (Worldexhibition at 12. and 13. of November 2005)
Many regards to Familie Nielsen...
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Sweden:   King Oberon took his 2nd Point for EC, was nominate and won "Best in Show". Last but not least he was "Scandinavian Winner 2005".
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Flensburg:   Power Lancelot took his 2nd point for CAC.
Sir Merlin took his last point to Gr. Int. Ch. and made the first rank at both days and was nominate at both days.
King Oberon got his last point to Gr. Int. Ch. Both are in topform...
Toi, toi, toi for Sweden and many greetings to Aalborg and Elmshorn...
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Hålev:   Pia Merle got her first point for CAC and was nominate for "Best in Show"... A good start in this class, good luck for the next time...
Many greetings to Kopenhagen ...
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Grömitz:   Power Lancelot got his V1 at both days and was best rank on Saturday. He was nominate at both days.
Camelot wasn't there because of an injury.
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Assentoft:   Oranja got her 4th point for Gr. Int. Ch.
Her brother Oberon got his 1st point to Gr. Int. Ch.
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Cologne:   Oranja got her 3rd point to Gr. Int. Ch. won the first rank and was nominate for "Best in Show".
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Langenhagen:   Oranja got both points for the Gr. Int. Ch. On Sunday she won first rank and was nominate for "Best in Show", she ist still in Topform.
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Ausstellungen in 2004:
Groningen:   Merlin got his point for Gr. Int. Ch.
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Magdeburg:   Oranja got her last point for Int. Ch. She is in Topform. 'Though there was a good competition she won first rank and was nominate.
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Copenhagen:   Pia Merle got V1.
Vissenbjerg:  Oranja got her 2nd point forInt. Ch. and was nominate for "Best in Show".
Her brother Oberon got his 1st point to Gr. Int. Ch. and was nominate. The first rank won a wunderful daughter from Sir Merlin.
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Jyllinge:   Power Lancelot and Pia Merle got their V1, both were nominate.
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Odden:   Oberon got his first pont to Gr. Int. Ch., was nominate for "Best in Show" and "Best opposite Sex".
Greetings to Danmark.
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Gorredijk:   Oberon got his last international point and was nominate for "Best in Show".
Great, greetings to Danmark...
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Tjekkiet:   Oberon became Champion (3rd CAC) at Saturday and got his first point forInt. Ch. and he was nominate at both days.
Ribe:   Oranja and Oberon got their 2nd CAC.
Sir Merlin won first rank, he is in topform...
--> Many greetings to Elmshorn
Wismar:   Oranja became Champion (3rd CAC) on Saturday and she got her fist point for Int. Ch.
Sir Merlin got first rank at both days, was nominate and won "Best opposite Sex". He is still in topform,  a really good tomcat....
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Kiel:   Oranja won her 1st CAC.
Bruder Oberon got his 1st CAC and was nominate the day before.
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Hennef:   Oberon got V1, was nominate for "Best kitten"
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Ausstellungen in 2003
Nybørg:   with V1
Leipzig:   with V1, nominate for "Best Kitten", 2nd rank at "Golden cat", a great day...

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